At Medsyy, we strive to ensure your orders are delivered to your satisfaction. However, in the rare event that your order is unsatisfactory, we are happy to accept returns for orders, if: • You've received an item(s) that does not match your order • The item(s) were damaged in transit or shortage (delivery of such order to be refused at doorstep) • The item(s) is due to expire within 3 months • The patient has developed any form of allergic reaction after taking the medication and the doctor has already prescribed another medicine, the medicines can be returned within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery. Returns are subject to the following conditions: • Items being returned should only be in their original manufacturer's packaging i.e. with labels, bar-code. • Only fully unused strips/bottles can be returned • The batch number of the product being returned should match as mentioned on the sales invoice • Original sales invoice has to be returned for processing returns and refunds. We do not accept returns in following scenarios: • Partially used strips, opened bottles cannot be returned. • Products which require specific storage conditions (temperature controlled) cannot be returned (vials, injections, vaccines, penfills, etc.) • Products which have expired post purchase. • Second time request against the same product/order.